Anheuser-Busch Campaign

Our objective was to create 12 unique images in 4 unique locations, representing various areas of the US. This was a two day shoot with principal models and all background elements had to be photographed separately and composited.

Photography / Retouching: Dale May
The objective for this Anheuser-Busch Ad Campaign was to create 12 unique images, in 4 locations, showcasing various areas of the United States, all within a two day shoot with principle talent. In order to get everything done in our time frame, almost every part of each image needed to be shot separately and composited.
Above is the final Budweiser image and below, a detail of the stage. The stage was created in CGI and all of the musicians and amps were photographed in my studio. The crowd was shot during our principal talent days, using 50 extras.
Below, shooting the crowd & crowd surfer for Budweiser final.
Below, shooting principal talent for the Budweiser final.
Below, shooting principal talent for Bud Light beach scene.
Photography and Retouching: Dale May
Representatives: Shelley Spiermen & George Watson / WSW Creative
Client: Anheuser-Busch
Agency: Tracy Locke
Art Director: Ethan Kociela
Producer: George Watson / Watson & Spierman Production Inc.
Line Producer: Jhonny Montano
Production Assistants: Thomas Buzaki & Elizabeth Tatro
Photo Digital Tech: Troy Paul
Photo 1st Assistant: Doug Sperling
Photo 2nd Assistant: Stan Kruslicky
CGI (Stage & Product): Chris Clor
Location Scout: Stuart Smith
Wardrobe Stylist: Christine Sonnenberg
Makeup & Hair: Karen Cleary & Alaina Debernardis
Prop Stylists: Sharon Tannian & Bob Hubbard
Food Stylist: Kristina Rice
Model Agencies: Mark Mullen Casting and Benz Models & Talent
Models: Jackie Dizon, Michael Urbanski, Michael Rischer, Dustin Baker, Brent Young, Muarice Baldwin, Esther Guadalupe Baez, Tatiana Rivera, Shana Simpson, Kelly Turner, Jared Wofford, Tara Price, Justine Heath, Patrick Daunt, Ashley Wilson, Cisco Perez and Marissa Daigle.
Musicians: Brian DeNeeve, Mike Abiuso, Brett David, Jesse Korman, Sam Mae, Nolan Wiley and Dale May.
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